A few words about us

eOx® International BV is active in the development and production of chemical products like degreasers, decalcifiers, water treatment products, lubricants, cutting and cooling liquids. 

The company is established in 1968 and started to manufacture solvent based cleaners. Around 1990 the company started to convert the solvent based products to environmental friendly products as described above. Many of the products are tailor made products for large companies in several branches as Oil industry, Paint industry, Ministry of Defense, Water treatment, Food&Beverage industry, Metal industry, Aircraft companies, Automotive industry, etc  eOx International is also distributing some products which are developed by outside companies. Environmentally-friendly and high quality raw materials are an important characteristic of all eOx manufactured and distributed products. Most of the 150 products are available in more than 70 countries worldwide at this moment, thanks to a well organised distribution network.