Aircraft Runway Stripper

a water soluble runway stripper to remove easily heavy pollution of rubber and rubber marks 


During aircraft landing, prior to the actual touchdown, the tires are at rest, experiencing no rotation. At the point of impact with the asphalt, the aircraft is moving with a high speed, so the tires must reach a rotational speed to match the aircraft speed in a very short amount of time.

This causes super heating of the tires, as well as skidding, which leaves rubber deposits on the runway. The tires also leave rubber deposits while braking when the aircraft is coming to a stop after touching down. Rubber build up on a runway is very dangerous because during wet weather conditions it creates a significant risk for incoming aircraft to slip off the runway while braking. 


depending on dirt level and used cleaning equipment from pure to 1:5 combined with heavy duty sweeper / broom scrubbing action or hydro agitation


Always consult the Safety Data Sheet before use and application. 



Product Information / Safety Data Sheet